High density concrete counterweights

LKAB Minerals manufactures high density and heavy MagnaDense, produced from the natural iron ore Magnetite, for the production of concrete counterweights.

Sustainable high density material

LKAB Minerals produces MagnaDense from its own resources, ensuring long-term availability and consistent quality. The product is harmless to the environment, non-toxic in all its forms, and sustainable.

Heavy concrete for making counterweights

When you want to design a consistent counterweight selecting MagnaDense as the high-density material is the right choice. We can supply a range of MagnaDense products to match your requirements.

MagnaDense in concrete can provide a density of typically 4.0 t/m3. When mixed with other iron-based materials, concrete, including MagnaDense, can achieve a density of up to 5.0 t/m3.

Watch our movie below to understand how easy it is to mix MagnaDense with cement and water to create heavy concrete that can be used as a counterweight here:

Bridges, elevators, and other counterweight applications

When more weight is needed but volume is restricted due to the product’s design where the balancing weight is located, MagnaDense is the best solution.
We have experience in supplying our dense aggregates for:

Is your application not listed above? Don’t hesitate to contact us to see how you can utilise our dense aggregate in your counterweight product. Depending on the needed density, our sales managers will help you calculate the right mixture of MagnaDense grades to achieve the counterweight design requirements.

Global availability for counterweight projects

LKAB Minerals provides MagnaDense to many concrete counterweight manufacturers all over the world. With global stock locations and owned mines in Northern Sweden, we assure you that we can supply a high-quality heavy aggregate facilitating you to produce counterweights at your preferred location. Would you like more information on our MagnaDense aggregates? Select your country in the below contact field to find your regional sales manager and send a message or give a call.

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