Ballast for wave and tidal power generators

You can use MagnaDense either as loose ballast or in high density concrete to provide a stable foundation to ballast wave power generators and tidal turbines to the seabed.

Ballast for wave and tidal power generators renewable energy

Stable wave power constructions with MagnaDense

Wave and tidal technology are used to capture energy by ocean surface waves. The wave power machinery can be kept in place by an anchor, foundation or counterweight made with high density concrete or filled with a heavy loose aggregate such as MagnaDense.

The high density of MagnaDense will ensure that:

Take a look at below video to see how MagnaDense provides extra weight and requires less volume under water.

MagnaDense used in offshore projects

Wave and tidal technology are not yet widely spread. There are a few projects worldwide which are experimenting the use of wave and tide to generate energy. However, the use of MagnaDense as a ballast or mixed into high density concrete is already used in a lot of other offshore applications such as:

Global and local project availability of MagnaDense

LKAB Minerals, part of the international LKAB Group, has 12 different sites across the world where local application and product knowledge is available. Most locations have their own storage facilities and can, therefore, supply you fast and economically, year-round the best quality MagnaDense for any offshore project.

LKAB Minerals supplies MagnaDense from owned resources, ensures long-term availability and consistent quality. The product is harmless to the environment and non-toxic in all its forms.

We supply you MagnaDense in bulk or bags via:

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