MagnaDense concrete for nuclear radiation shielding

Our customers use high-density MagnaDense concrete as a radiation shielding to protect against the hazard of nuclear radiation leakage.

radiation shielding

Certified as radiation shielding concrete

MagnaDense concrete is certified as radiation shielding concrete according to the standard DIN 6847-2; Medical electron accelerators – Part 2: Rules for construction of structural radiation protection.When upgrading or planning new healthcare facilities which emit ionising radiation, shielding with high density MagnaDense concrete provides many benefits. MagnaDense is a natural iron oxide which we mine in Sweden. It has a high particle density ranging between 4.7 – 5.1 t/m³. When you mix this high density aggregate into concrete it is possible to reach high densities of up to 4.0 t/m3.

ArchitectDesign PhaseNoise & vibration dampening, Patient friendly smaller design possible
Concrete Mixing CompanyHandlingUse standard equipment, Reduced max. concrete temperature
ConstructorConstructionReduced risk of cracking
Radiation SpecialistDaily WorkProviding safety, Time effective
Hospital / Investment groupInvestmentCost effective

Heavy concrete for radiation protection

Whether you are a designer or constructor for a facility that needs radiation protection, MagnaDense has many benefits for your project.

Hospital radiation shielding – Video on Youtube

Shielding medical radiation – experience and references

Because of our experience in projects for the use of heavyweight concrete in radiation bunkers, we can help you to select the right grade of our product. Simply contact a sales manager via the contact field on the bottom of this page.

If you want to read more about our experience in the construction of healthcare projects, please take a look at our online articles on various projects:

As you might understand, we can only display a very small selection of the radiation shielding projects where customers used our MagnaDense. Please, get in touch with us to discuss other projects in your country or ask questions about your specific radiation shielding needs.

Constructing radiation bunkers

Our customers don’t use all the same type of constructions to shield their treatment areas. Depending on the design or the experience of the constructor, mainly there are three different construction solutions:

  1. Normal dense concrete walls, floors and ceiling: The building is made of high density concrete containing MagnaDense aggregate.
  2. The “Sandwich” solution: As the name of this solution indicates, this construction method uses a layer of compacted MagnaDense between two (mostly) pre-fabricated concrete walls which act as a lost formwork.
  3. Modular high density shielding blocks: in these constructions, high density blocks of MagnaDense concrete are used.  You can read a detailed news article about this particular construction method on our website .

Finally, we have general information and a video about radiation shielding with heavy dense concrete on the general radiation shielding page. For more details on radiation shielding for nuclear facilities please go to the radiation shielding nuclear page.

radiation shielding
heavy concrete for radiation protection

Radiation Shielding Nuclear

LKAB Minerals' MagnaDense can be used for radiation shielding nuclear.