Concrete & civil engineering

We provide a variety of minerals that are used in this industry, either directly or indirectly. You will find all of our products and customer cases aimed at the concrete and civil engineering industries.

We offer a wide range of minerals for a variety of concrete engineering applications.

Our products go into a vast range of applications, such as concrete weight coating, counterweights, and sprayable concrete, ensuring the performance and durability of concrete structures.

The products we sell into the concrete and civil engineering sector include Magnetite, GGBS (Ground Granulated Blast Furnace Slag) and many more.

Concrete weight coating

One area our products go into is concrete weight coating. This is a crucial requirement for underwater pipelines and offshore structures. Our Magnetite is an effective material for this application, providing stability and protection against buoyancy and external impacts. It ensures the integrity of offshore infrastructure and helps maintain underwater pipelines’ safe and efficient operation.


A derivative of Magnetite, our MagnaDense is used as a counterweight for civil engineering applications. MagnaDense is used as a counterweight solution in various projects, including bridge and dam constructions. Its high density enables precise balancing and stability, ensuring the structural integrity of projects with more weight, less volume.

Sprayable concrete

In addition to concrete weight coating and counterweights, our MicaFort is also used in sprayable concrete applications. Sprayable concrete, commonly used in tunnel linings and ground improvements, requires specific properties such as excellent workability, strength, and durability. We supply a range of high-quality minerals, including aggregates, ballast, and sand, that meet these strict requirements. Our products contribute to the production of sprayable concrete with superior performance, ensuring the longevity and effectiveness of sprayed concrete structures.

By utilising our minerals, construction projects can achieve higher efficiencies, reduced environmental impacts, and extended lifecycles. The properties of Magnetite and other minerals we offer provide significant benefits to concrete structures, including improved stability, durability, and strength. Whether for concrete weight coating, counterweights, or sprayable concrete, our minerals play a vital role in ensuring the integrity and long-term performance of various civil engineering projects.