Screed Floor

Using Gypsol anhydrite binder creates a pumpable, self-smoothing floor screed. Moreover, this screed is an economically advantageous and a sustainable alternative to the labour-intensive and traditional sand cement screeds.

Gypsol Screed Floor pour LKAB Minerals

A self-smoothing screed solution for every floor type

In the many years we have supplied anhydrite binder for smooth floor screed, we have seen a large variety of projects, each with its own challenge regarding the type of floor needed. Because of all this knowledge and experience, we build an extensive product range to meet every flooring need.

Floor TypeOur Gypsol Solution*
Standard floorClassic
Underfloor heating & coolingHTC
Heavy duty flooringXS
Timber frame / supported floorsTimBRE
Lightweight steel frameModular
Quick drying floorRapide
Our Gypsol Solutions
*For every situation, we offer a unique Gypsol product; more products and details are available on the product page.

Screed project challenges

We noticed that different construction can pose several challenges you can overcome with our environmental-friendly alternative to sand cement screed. Therefore, we like to share some examples of the problems we encountered and the solutions Gypsol offers.

ChallengeSolutionCase Study
Variable depths, different floor heights and different floor finishes in the same buildingGypsol ClassicQueens Drive Infant School
Large surface, little timeGypsol XCNew School Theatre Complex
Space limits require a thin layer of screedGypsol ClassicThe Maltings Care Home
Meet acoustic requirements in flatGypsolNew Flat Development
Thin layer but vary in depth from 15 to 45 mm – fast installation and quick to dryGypsol TS-15Retail Refurbishment, Burton Upon Trent
Floor in High Energy Efficiency house; rapid response to changes in air temperature,
achieve efficiency with ground source heat pump for floor heating
Gypsol ClassicEnergy efficient self build house
Gypsol Case Studies

We describe more details for all kinds of situations in our Case Studies which you can find in the ‘Documentation’ tab on the Gypsol product page.

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Our Anhydrite Screed

Gypsol Screed Floor Solutions

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Floor screed benefits

When using Gypsol in your liquid screed, this will offer your project the possibility to:

Gypsol journey to your site

Getting your Gypsol floor screed on time and in perfect condition for your site is essential. To give you a good idea of how we deliver Gypsol with the right quality to your location, we have created a movie to show the different steps before the product gets to your site. Watch how we do this.

Please check our product page to understand the technical support we can offer you. However, if you still have questions, you can contact us.

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