Heavy Concrete Weight Coating for offshore pipelines

MagnaDense aggregate in concrete weight coating (CWC) for pipelines increases negative buoyancy and gives mechanical protection against sea motions.

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CWC pipe coating with MagnaDense

MagnaDense is an LKAB Minerals highly dense high-grade aggregate, which we manufacture from the natural iron oxide magnetite. We mine and process it at our group’s resources in Northern Sweden. The product is harmless to the environment and non-toxic in all its forms. Our customers mix MagnaDense into a high density concrete, which they apply to the pipelines and which provide a heavy weight coating.

Using MagnaDense in CWC for for offshore pipelines will create more weight with less volume. Properties of the high density concrete on pipelines include a potential for reduced volume by up to 50% or 80% increase in weight while keeping the equivalent strength to standard concrete.

Applying offshore pipeline concrete coating

Our customers, manufacturers of coated pipelines, use two different techniques to apply the heavy concrete as a coating to the pipelines.

  • Spray applied heavy concrete coating. This technique requires the heavy concrete to be fluid enough to spray. Adding MagnaDense to the concrete will make it heavier, however, the concrete is still fluid enough to be sprayed onto the pipelines.
  • Compression concrete weight coating. Using this applying method, the pipe gets a concrete weight coating by rolling the heavy concrete with a special technique against the pipeline.
Independent of the applying method you prefer, MagnaDense is suitable for both. The coarse aggregate increases the density of the concrete. This makes sure your concrete coated pipes remain at the bottom of the sea and give mechanical protection.

The correct heavy concrete mix for concrete weight coating for offshore use

When preparing the heavy density concrete for your pipelines you need to take into account that MagnaDense replaces sand and gravel but other concrete ingredients remain the same. Moreover, you can use standard concrete mixing equipment. The density of the concrete will vary depending on pipeline diameter and sea depth. Therefore, the average density for pipeline coating ranges between 3.2 and 3.4 t/m3.

Ask your LKAB Minerals sales managers for help to select the right combination of a MagnaDense grade. A brochure with concrete weight coating projects is available via LKAB Minerals Sales Managers upon request.

Global availability and offshore pipe coating projects

LKAB Minerals provided MagnaDense to many concrete pipe coating projects all over the world. We have global stock locations and owned mines in the Northern part of Sweden. Therefore, LKAB Minerals can assure that they will always be able to supply a high-quality heavy aggregate. This will ensure your production of concrete weight coated pipes at your preferred location, year around.

Nord Stream, New York Bay, and Malampaya are just a few of the large projects for which heavy weight concrete coated pipes with MagnaDense have been used. Upon request, we have a pipe coating project brochure available which includes many more projects and details. Contact your local salesperson and ask for the project brochure, datasheets or about the MagnaDense possibilities for your upcoming pipeline project.