Heat retaining with MagnaDense concrete

We produce MagnaDense from natural iron ore. It retains heat and allows slow emitting of this in night storage heaters and floor heating systems.

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Heat sink with MagnaDense concrete

When you use MagnaDense  in concrete it acts as a ‘heat sink’ by absorbing heat from its surroundings. On top of that it stores and releases the heat slowly over a period of time. MagnaDense is a natural aggregate which we manufacture from the iron oxide Magnetite. We mine this from group-owned mines in Northern Sweden.

Material for retaining thermal heat in night storages

In night storage heaters, also known as off-peak heaters, MagnaDense is used in the ceramic bricks that are inside the heater unit. A huge benefit is the ability of MagnaDense to store the thermal heat during the night inside the bricks. The heater will still provide warmth during the day even though not consuming the high amount of electricity needed to heat a space. The new generation of off-peak heating systems uses electricity from renewable energy sources and can feed the unused electricity back to the grid.

High density concrete covering floor heating installations

When you have an under-floor heating within a concrete floor or under a thick concrete screed, MagnaDense will even out the heat emitted from the floor. This means that the heating elements or pipes do not need to be continuously hot. Moreover, this is especially beneficial for electrical installations where off-peak energy is available. Or in cases where the heat source will be intermittent or timed. Using MagnaDense in the heat retaining concrete allows an economic use of electricity.

The right mix for your heat-retaining bricks

Depending on the application and your required thermal storage need, you can use one of the several MagnaDense grades we offers. We have over 50 years of experience in heavy concrete applications. So we are confident to advise you which grades fits best to your particular heat retaining mix.

Samples are available upon request and our technical team are ready to help with trials when requested. Get in touch with our Sales Managers to help you with the right selection.