Reinforcement for automotive polymer parts

Minerals reinforce polymers; MicaFort, a high aspect ratio mineral, provides very efficient warpage reduction and an improved surface finish for automotive parts.

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Our customers in the automotive industry use MicaFort, Phlogopite and Muscovite Mica products, because it:

  • increases stiffness
  • improves scratch resistance
  • performs at high temperatures
  • has acoustic damping properties
  • lowers CLTE
  • improves dimensional stability

Using MicaFort industrial minerals for automotive parts means using Mica products that:

  • are chemically inert
  • provide barrier properties
  • have a high thermal stability
  • provide electrical insulation properties
  • have a high dielectric strength

Partial or full glass-fibre replacement

MicaFort is very effective as a replacement for glass-fibres in PA compounds providing improved properties such as:

  • Very efficient warpage reduction
  • Improved surface finish
  • Optimal balance of Isotropic Mechanical and Dimensional properties
  • Excellent reinforcement alone or in combination with glass fibres

Superior performance mineral performance

In mineral-filled thermoplastic PP compounds by including MicaFort you can achieve:

  • Superior modulus
  • Isotropic reduction of Coefficient of Linear Thermal Expansion
  • Increase in Heat Deflection Temperature
  • Opportunities for compound density reduction versus other mineral fillers

MicaFort compounding

To maintain LKAB Minerals MicaFort’s very high aspect ratio, which is very important to achieve the improvements in compound properties, use in twin-screw compounders. Feeding of MicaFort is recommended into the melt through side feeders.

For more technical information on MicaFort in thermoplastic compounds and to understand how you can achieve superior polymer reinforcement with this natural mineral filler contact our technical experts.