Natural fire retardant for PVC compounds

Even though PVC is less flammable than other polymers adding a flame retardant additive such as our UltraCarb is still very beneficial.

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PVC requires a lower level of flame retardant additives to achieve good fire resistance. When PVC does burn it releases acid gases that are harmful to humans and corrosive to metal. Also, PVC generates thick black smoke upon burning which significantly reduces visibility in a fire situation.

Addition of UltraCarb

Our natural halogen-free flame retardant, UltraCarb can replace antimony trioxide in PVC compounds. Using this Hydromagnesite Huntite mineral product will give the following benefits:

  • it is less harmful and will still provide the improved fire performance you require
  • the suppression of smoke that this unique flame retardant mineral provides

UltraCarb in PVC

Within flexible foams, the industry uses PVC to increase the flame retardancy which you can further improve by adding UltraCarb.

For PVC cable compounds, our customers enhance the formulation with the addition of UltraCarb as a flame retardant additive. Because of this, the oxygen near the burning surface is diluted, and it also suppresses the evolution of smoke and flammable gases. UltraCarb inhibits the combustion process and propagation through burning droplets as it forms a stable char during decomposition.

Convinced that UltraCarb is the right flame retardant solution for your PVC product? Or do you require more information regarding your particular PVC production process? Contact LKAB Minerals via below form and ask for more information.