LKAB and Höganäs AB celebrate 100-year relationship
MagnaDense high density magnetite product

The first delivery of iron ore to Höganäs AB took place in 1909. Building on 100 years of relationship, the companies celebrated at a gathering at LKAB’s operations in Kiruna.

The companies celebrated the significant milestone of starting the business relationship 100 years ago. They also celebrated several million tonnes of iron ore products supplied by LKAB to date. The gathering was at LKAB’s operations in Kiruna.

A shared history

Höganäs was founded in 1797 in southern Sweden and is today a world leader within the metal powder industry.  Over the years, we supplied Höganäs with iron ore (Magnetite) products from the mines in Northern Sweden.
Höganäs uses this for production of sponge iron powder.  In the Höganäs process, they mix iron ore with coke and reduced in large tunnel kilns. This process turns the ore into sponge iron. After that they crush, mill, anneal and mix the product into customer-specific products for making high-performance automotive parts.

Support and supply

“We are proud to have been able to serve such a respected company as Höganäs for this long”, says Per-Erik Lindvall, President and CEO of Minelco (former name of LKAB Minerals). “I think the reason for this successful relationship is trust. As well as the desire by both parties to be the best in what we do. We look forward to a mutually beneficial relationship for the coming 100 years.”

“Without the support and the supplies of world-class products from LKAB, Höganäs AB would not have been able to develop into a world leader in metal powders”, adds Alrik Danielson CEO, Höganäs AB.