MagnaDense Radiation Shielding at BNCT facility Finland - LKAB Minerals

With the first BNCT(Boron Neutron Capture Device) treatment unit, Finland has become the world leader in cancer treatment.

High density concrete forms a shell structure around the BNCT treatment room. It creates a dense bunker that protects the environment from neutron radiation released during the radiotherapy process.

Groundbreaking cancer treatment

Currently, BNCT treatment is used in the early stages of recurrent head and neck cancer. The health sector expects that in the future many other cancers will use the same technique. In Europe, the hospitals in the Helsinki and Uusimaa Hospital District will be first to use the first boron neutron capture device. After that a few similar BNCT treatment units will be placed in Japan.

Strict mixing specification MagnaDense concrete

The American equipment supplier put strict specifications on the high density aggregate. The supplier ordered physical and chemical uniformity of the aggregate. To make sure it met all the demands, they also analysed a high density concrete sample. After this tests, they were sure that the concrete meets the requirements of radiation wall protection for their equipment.

“I am very proud for the opportunity to work on this ground-breaking project in Finland. Our vast amount of experience in radiation shielding with MagnaDense aggregate has been a reassuring fact for our partners,” Isla van der Woude, Sales Manager LKAB Minerals Oy confirms.

Just-in-time MagnaDense supply

Company Rudus supplied the necessary heavy concrete to the construction site. This special concrete was cast into the partition walls of the treatment rooms. Reaching a thickness of 1.10 meters and a vault of 1.20 meters.

“Of course, different transportation methods were chosen based on both the contractor and the hospital. We needed to work very closely with the building site to schedule castings. Because the ready-mix station could not be used to supply standard concrete mixes when we were mixing high density concrete, Antti Mönkkönen, Sales Manager at Rudus Ready Concrete, says.

But once the company found the right concreting method , the concrete casting went even surprisingly effortlessly.

From the Rudus Viikki concrete factory they transported the heavy concrete to the site by three trucks. Because of the heavy concrete weight, the load was five cubic meters in one load. At that rate, they could cast one hundred cubic meters a day.

Case study Finnish projects

Both this BNCT project and the construction of the Nova Hospital in Finland have been build using high density concrete with MagnaDense. We have gathered all project and technical details in a Case Study. This free study is available for upon request with your local technical sales manager. Please contact us for more information.