MicaFort delivering anti-corrosion properties

The high aspect ratio of MicaFort provides barrier formation for anti-corrosion coatings, impeding the progress of corrosion onto any metal surface.

anti-corrosion coating with MicaFort

MicaFort, an additive for anti-corrosion coating.

The primary function of anti-corrosion coatings is to protect steel structures against corrosion and chemicals. The industry uses predominantly two-component epoxy coating as the anti-corrosive protection layer, particularly for steel structures exposed to the most severe environmental conditions. 

In general, flat, platy particles overlap in a film and prevent water, oxygen or other chemicals from reaching the metal basis directly. This interaction means the time for corrosion stimulators to start their work will increase. Addition of platy additives ensures optimal performances for surface protection

LKAB Minerals produce MicaFort from the naturally occurring minerals Phlogopite Mica and Muscovite Mica. Both minerals have several unique properties which make them unique in their features for use in many applications, particularly in anti-corrosion coating: 

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