Bridging agent for drilling mud

Adding calcium carbonate – Fordacal – to drilling fluid supports control of the fluid amount entering the drilled rock formation.

Bridging agent for drilling mud

Pre-designed additive for drilling fluid

The Calcium Carbonate content of Fordacal fillers and extenders is more than 98%. We source this from a pure deposit in Northern Italy and then process it in the UK. Our marble is particularly suitable for drilling muds applications where purity is paramount.

Therefore, using Fordacal as an additive to drilling fluid will:

Consequently, our Fordacal portfolio offers mud chemists the option of optimising muds for loss circulation and well capping.

Logistics and availability for offshore drilling projects

Our plant in Somerset, United Kingdom, can manufacture a wide range of different grades with the same high purity crystalline calcium carbonate.

We store our Fordacal in silos or transport this to strategic stock locations. We also supply offshore drilling projects directly to the customers’ required location.

You can contact our Sales Managers and ask for specifications or samples.