Glitter effects on ceramics

Receive a beautiful glittery, sparkling finish of your ceramic wall or floor tiles using LKAB Minerals DekorFlake products.

Glitter effects on ceramics

The ceramics industry and especially the tile manufacturing companies need specialities such as distinctive natural patterns or effects. A glitter finish through our ceramic paint additive DekorFlake to your ceramic floor or wall tiles can bring your product the brilliant finish it needs.

The sparkle to your floor and wall tiles

DekorFlake, from the natural minerals Muscovite Mica and Phlogopite Mica, is available in four metallic colours:

And a variety of particle sizes. In particular, you can obtain various decorative finishes and effects by mixing the colours and particle sizes of DekorFlake. Also, it is possible to receive a more uniform finish by adding only one colour in one particle size.

Using DekorFlake for glitter and sparkle

LKAB Minerals‘ method of manufacturing the DekorFlake range of decorative Micas ensures a very stable product for tile glaze manufacturers. Therefore, DekorFlake will remain stable in colour and shape at temperatures up to 900°C in the tile firing stage.

Addition levels of this ceramic paint additive vary to suit the aesthetic effect desired by the manufacturer. Our customers apply DekorFlake to the tile during the glaze stage.

You can contact your regional sales partner for more information, a sample for your trials, or a quotation on DekorFlake in the ceramics industry.