Coatings filled with additives for fire resistance

LKAB Minerals manufacture and supply a range of natural minerals for making coatings fire / flame resistant.

flame retardant paint

LKAB Minerals offers three products for flame retardant paint applications to improve fire retardancy of your coating:

Halogen-free Aluminium Trihydrate

In waterborne and solvent-based paints, ATH can extend TiO2, thereby reducing the production costs of the paint. The weathering resistance provided by ATH means it performs well in exterior and interior coatings. ATH also controls gloss in coatings, making it suitable for various applications, including powder and roof coatings.

Halogen Free Huntite / Hydromagnesite

UltraCarb is a naturally extracted mixture of Huntite and Hydromagnesite. It has a unique reaction to an increase in temperature, creating a three-stage fire retardant rocket between 220 and 500 degrees Celsius. In plastisols, it is a welcome addition because the carbonate fraction and the skeleton formation ensure smoke reduction (“acid smoke”).
Extracted as a mixture and does not require chemical/energy-intensive treatment, UltraCarb has a very favourable LCA compared to precipitated ATH.
UltraCarb can also be used as a TiO2 replacement and thus reduces the production costs of the paint due to its high whiteness

High aspect ratio MicaFort

Cementitious fire-resistant coatings used to protect structural steel and concrete in commercial construction gain from MicaFort‘s high aspect ratio and thermal stability. This contributes to lower flammability while reinforcing the char to prevent coating failure during a fire.

Our team at LKAB Minerals is technically trained to help you select the right flame retardant paint solution out of ATH, UltraCarb, or MicaFort product. Contact one of our sales managers today for more detailed information, a sample, or a datasheet.