Iron catalysts based on Magnetite

The industry uses iron catalysts to improve or increase the rate of reaction in chemical processes. Our Magnetite is a natural iron oxide which companies use to make iron catalysts.

Iron catalysts

We see the widely use of activated and promoted iron catalysts in the fertiliser, refining, and chemical industries. In these industries they use the iron catalysts as a way to:

  1. improve processes
  2. change compounds to more environmentally friendly alternatives
  3. provide stability
  4. control costs

Ammonia production with magnetite catalyst

In the chemical process called ‘Haber-Bosch method’, Magnetite is used as an iron source in catalysts which increases the reactivity between nitrogen and hydrogen to make ammonia. This method, originally designed by Nobel Prize winners Haber and Bosch, is the most used process for large-scale ammonia production today.

Your benefits of using LKAB Minerals Magnetite in an iron-based catalyst:

Iron catalyst in Gas-To-Liquid (GTL) process

Another well-known process that uses Magnetite as an iron catalyst to improve the large-scale industrial production process is the Gas-To-Liquid process to produce synthetic fuel from either natural gas or gasified coal.

One of the methods used is the Fischer-Tropsch (FT) process. In the FT-reactions, the Iron catalysts are generally used in high-temperature ranges to produce olefins.

Consistent Magnetite quality

We provide our Magnetite products for use as iron catalysts to companies worldwide. With global stock locations and owned mines in the northern part of Sweden, we ensure that we will always be able to supply a high and consistent quality Magnetite at your location, year round.

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