Seed Coatings

In the agricultural industry seed identification by form of coating is critical. MicaFort is used to provide an excellent coating.

MicaFort for Seed Coating

MicaFort can be used in seed coatings due to its low moisture content, which helps not only with the prevention of seed rot or early germination but also feeds the seedlings upon germination due to the potassium content.

It will also help in the production of a coating with good flowability during planting of the seeds. Phlogopite grades have a very distinguishable bronze colouration which is a very distinguishable colour. Muscovite grades have an excellent sheen and will accept pigmentation/colouration very well.

Benefits of MicaFort in seed coating use

LKAB Minerals MicaFort, when used in a seed coating will:

MicaFort provides these benefits because it has:

MicaFort for Seed Coatings Grades

MicaFort MineralProduct Type
PhlogopiteWet Ground
MuscoviteDry Ground, Wet Ground and Calcined

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Case studies are available for projects we have worked on that explain the specific challenge of MicaFort for seed coating. LKAB Minerals work with a dedicated agronomist who can help you with any technical questions you may have.

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