Product information

Product Uses of Tungsten

Tungsten is widely used in high-temperature applications for furnace linings, as well as in the automotive and aerospace industries.

In addition, Tungsten is extremely hard and can be utilised in drilling and cutting tools, as well as wear-resistant components.

Further applications include being a catalyst for chemical reactions, radiation shielding, medical apparatus and electrical devices.

Standard grades

Tungsten is sold as

  • bars (different sizes)
  • powder
  • oxides (yellow and blue)
  • carbide powder

Please contact us for further information and the best solution on grading and packaging for your needs.

Mineral information

Tungsten is a relatively inactive metal with excellent corrosion resistance and conductivity of electricity. It is a strong, thick, silver-grey metal with the highest tensile strength and the lowest thermal expansion of all metals. Its density is almost twice that of lead and comparable to gold.

It has the second highest melting point of all elements after carbon and the highest of all metallic elements – 3442oC, the highest of all metallic elements.