Product information

LKAB Minerals have developed Duraheat specifically as bed materials for bioenergy applications in energy generation & gasification assets.

What is Duraheat?

Duraheat is our range of blended bed materials for bioenergy, developed with the University of Sheffield. The products are used as fluidised bed media, which lines a boiler bed to help reduce sticky build-ups and protect assets. Our Duraheat products are developed to help solve problems linked to biomass energy generation in various ways.

Benefits of Duraheat

Depending on the operations of the plant and the fuels used, our Duraheat carries the following benefits:

  • Reducing build-up of slag
  • Reducing the risk of bed freezing and bed agglomoration
  • Improves efficiency with energy generation. This is done through efficient heat transfer, extended fluidisations, and slower reactions of impurities of fuel/ash

The result of this is a reduced cost of ownership, due to improved and extended performance, as well as improved supply chain availability owing to the fact a combination of proven high-temperature bed media materials go into our bed materials for bioenergy.

Our bed materials for bioenergy

Based upon our study findings, your plant challenges, fuel selection and operating targets, LKAB Minerals can offer a choice of solutions; Duraheat A,  Duraheat MS, Duraheat AMS and Duraheat MSS.

Duraheat A• Good absorption properties to capture potassium which could help protect pipework & boiler walls from corrosion , particularly if using variable fuel(s).
• Proven with the recycling model offered by LKAB & Richmond Recycling, improving sustainability & reducing onward purchase price of bed media.
Duraheat MS• Potentially offers the longest fluidisation time of the Duraheat product range.
High melting point, so gives stability in bed. (1450-1500oC)
• Cost effective in initial purchase price pmt.
• Strong material availability.
• Can be used in conjunction with alumina clay fuel additives to improve alkali capture properties to assist in protecting the asset.
Duraheat AMS• Combined benefits of extended fluidisation time if compared to 100% Alumina Silicate, and improved absorption of ash contaminants when compared with 100% Magnesium Iron Silicate.
• As a blended product this reduces reliability on one material source.
• Cost effective when compared with 100% Alumina Silicate.
• Tailored particle size for optimum “bubbling” in boiler bed.
Duraheat MSS• A cost effective Duraheat product at point of purchase, based on cost per metric tonne compared to 100% Alumina Silicate.
• Extended fluidisation time over 100% silica sand, assisting to reduce asset downtime and a reduction in volumes required.
• Tailored particle size for optimum “bubbling” in boiler bed.

Mineral information

Find out more about the tests carried out in the study, and how this shaped our product range.

Fluidisation tests

A series of fluidisation tests were performed on selected bed media materials using the pilot scale rig, recording fluidisation times of the selected materials and the behaviour of the particles in relation to grain size.

Subsequently, this was followed by the analysis of agglomerate samples (scanning electron microscopy with energy dispersive spectroscopy (SEM/EDX), X-ray diffraction (XRD), and X-ray fluorescence (XRF), removed from the test plant after the fluidisation tests.

Selected test materials were:

  • Magnesium Iron Silicate (MIS),
  • Alumina Silicate (Alum Sil),
  • Combined MIS & Alum Sil,
  • Silica Sand,
  • Alumina Clay Fines.

Recycling and rescreening of Bed Media

LKAB Minerals offer recycling and rescreening of used bed media once it is removed from the boiler unit.

Our recycling and rescreening service is based upon the spent material being tested and classified as a non hazardous material. All material is recycled in conjunction with Richmond Reclamation Ltd (Sheffield), to ensure waste handling & transfer legal requirements are met.

The rescreened material can be reused as a percentage added to the bed media at the site with the virgin Duraheat material to reduce the waste disposal cost and decrease the volume of Duraheat required.

For more information on where to buy Duraheat, please contact us.