Zircon (Zirconium Silicate)

Zirconium silicate (naturally occurring beach sand) has a high thermal expansion coefficient.

High thermal expansion coefficient

Used in many industries including ceramic tiles reractories foundries and nuclear

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Product information

LKAB Minerals offers Zirconium Silicate, widely known as Zircon as sand and flour grades for a range of industries.

Product uses of Zircon (Zirconium Silicate)

Zicon (Zirconium Silicate) has applications across a wide range of industries, including the ones below:

A rapidly growing sector for the use of zircon is the production of zirconium-based chemicals in the nuclear industry.

We offer Zircon Sand and Zircon Flour for all applications.

Zircon standard grades

Zircon Sand is typically available in one standard grade.

Zircon Flour is available in 325# and 200# as standard.

Other grades may be available upon request. Contact your local Sales Representative for more information.

Zircon packaging

Both products are available in 25kg sacks as standard.

Mineral information

The typical properties of Zircon.

Chemical properties of Zircon Sand

ZrO2 & HfO265.8%

Chemical properties of Zircon Flour

ZrO2 & HfO265.8%

Physical properties of Zircon

Bulk Density2.7 kg/m3
Specific Gravity4.6 g/cm3
Melting Point2,200oC

Zircon (Zirconium Silicate) mineral origin

Our products originate from Australia.

Zircon (Zirconium Silicate) toxicology

Zircon is an inert material. Please refer to the Material Safety Datasheet (available to download) for further information.

Industry use

Our customers use industrial minerals to improve constructions, increase safety and reduce costs.