For some flooring applications with light or heavy glitter effects, a stone look or light reflectance may be the final add-on to fulfill your product. Being weather, UV, and heat resistant, DekorFlake is a beneficial product for this wide application field.

Our DekorFlake is manufactured from Muscovite or Phlogopite Mica. The product range covers different particle sizes from fine to coarse and four different colours:

Depending on colour and particle size choices, you can easily achieve various decorative effects for your final product. For a muted sparkle, finer particles provide reflectance, whereas larger particles deliver higher aesthetic purposes. Stone effects on your decorative flooring can also be achieved using a combination of gold, silver, bronze, and black particles.

DekorFlake can be used in a wide variety of flooring types. It can be supplied year-round through strategic stocks LKAB Minerals keep. Please get more information, a sample, or a quotation on DekorFlakes in decorative glitter flooring by contacting your regional sales partner, to be found in the below contact field.

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