Employee Highlights

LKAB Minerals is a subsidiary of the LKAB Group, with approximately 450 employees worldwide. We have deposits, processing facilities, and offices spanning 12 countries with a range of amazing employees. Here are some of our stories.

What makes our employees special?

These individuals are shining examples of the talent and dedication present at LKAB Minerals. However, they are merely a snapshot of our diverse range of employees worldwide. We have a team spanning 12 countries in a variety of different roles, who constantly drive us to make an impact in the industrial minerals industry.

Our employees are a stellar reflection of our company values; responsible, innovative, and committed. Everyone at LKAB, regardless of role or location, contributes significantly to the success and growth of our company.

Are you interested in working for LKAB?

You can check out the full list of LKAB Vacancies here: Job vacancies – LKAB