Building applications using calcium sulphate

Andricite® is a synthetic anhydrous calcium sulphate which our customers use in the production of aerated building blocks. It is both a chemistry agent as well as a cement additive.

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Shrinkage reducing agent

When you use our Andricite®  as a building chemistry agent, it works as a shrinkage reducing agent in calcium aluminate-based products for:

  • thin self-levellers
  • tile adhesives
  • tiles grouts
  • repair mortars

Using the mineral in the right proportions with aluminates, it will form ettringite. Consequently, this will:

  • reduce the shrinkage of Portland cement
  • give high early strength
  • provide long term mechanical strength
  • dry rapidly
  • reduce efflorescence

Aerated building blocks

As an additive in aerated block manufacture, the Andricite® aids in:

  • setting
  • and strength development

Aerated concrete blocks were first produced in the country of our headquarters, Sweden, back in the 1920’s. Nowadays the industry commonly produces aerated concrete blocks worldwide for a large variety of construction projects.  You might also know the aerated concrete blocks as:

  • Aircrete blocks
  • Cellular concrete blocks
  • Or gas concrete blocks

Calcium sulphate as a cement additive

Cement is the basis for concrete and therefore one of the most essential products in the construction industry. In particular, you can use Andricite as a constituent part of cement manufacture. To this means, our product is available in a coarse form that perfectly fits cement manufacture.

Therefore, the benefits of using LKAB Minerals Andricite® for cement manufacture are:

  • controlling set time
  • improving mechanical strength

If you like additional product information, please contact your regional sales manager.