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High density concrete sea anchors for subsea installations

To increase weight, MagnaDense is added to produce high density concrete sea anchors that will keep your subsea installations in place.

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Magnus Johansson

Sales Manager

Heavy weight concrete anchors

The extra weight for concrete anchors, reached by adding our heavy weight natural aggregate MagnaDense, will improve the protection and stability of your anchoring product. It allows increasing the concrete density up to 4 t/m3.

Various forms of concrete anchoring

Precast concrete anchors among others prevent undersea currents from dislodging pipelines from their bedding in the sea. Anchoring comes in many shapes and sizes such as:

Watch the video on this page to learn more about the origin of the MagnaDense and the different offshore applications it can serve.

concrete anchoring breakwater

Advantages of MagnaDense concrete sea anchors

Concrete undersea anchors made with MagnaDense high density concrete have two main functions:

  1. place a protective barrier around valuable installations.
  2. keep installations at the seabed and protect them from buoyancy forces.

Also, its: 

  • harmless to the environment.
  • non-reactive to seawater.
  • abrasion-resistant.
  • increasing the underwater lifetime for concrete.

all of which makes the LKAB Minerals' product range of MagnaDense a natural fit for your concrete anchor production process.

How much weight should your anchor have?

Depending on your project the required weight for your concrete sea anchor differs. With over 50 years of experience in supplying high density aggregate to the concrete industry, we can help you define the right concrete mix for you. Feel free to contact our sales team for additional information or a sample of our different MagnaDense grades.

Our high density aggregate is available worldwide

LKAB Minerals’ MagnaDense for heavyweight concrete is mined at our groups’ resources in Northern Sweden. With strategic global stock locations worldwide, the supply of our heavy aggregate is readily available worldwide and year-round.

Contact us via the contact field at the bottom of this page to request a quotation, data sheet, business case or other detailed information you need.

Concrete anchoring

MagnaDense for high density concrete sea anchors.

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Interested in how our mineral solutions can provide value for Concrete anchoring ?

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