Brake pads

Brake pads can contain up to 20 different ingredients. Our customers use both MicaFort and MagniF to produce this part of the braking systems in cars.

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We supply this platy mineral and the iron oxide to different brake pad manufacturers world-wide.

MicaFort Phlogopite Mica for brake pads

Phlogopite Mica can be one of the mineral fillers used to make brake pads. Because of its platy structure and high thermal resistance, it is very suitable. They decrease the difference between the static and the dynamic coefficient of friction.

Other platy minerals, such as graphite, can do this as well but phlogopite delivers consistent performance even under changes in pressure and temperature.

Mica health and safety benefits

In comparison to other mica products, MicaFort Phlogopite grades offer a significant health and safety benefit. This is in particular due to their extremely low levels of free respirable silica. Low silica is of specific significance for customers manufacturing products in a dry mixing process. Because exposure to respirable free silica can lead to severe illness and disease. One of the alternative minerals, quartz, is very abrasive causing additional machine wear and maintenance costs. Something which LKAB Minerals’ MicaFort Mica does not do.

To sum it all up, the technical benefits provided by MicaFort are:

  • high thermal resistance
  • a similar static and dynamic friction coefficients
  • very stable behaviour despite pressure and temperature changes
  • very low crystalline silica <0.1%

MagniF, fine dried powdered magnetite, for brake pads

Another LKAB Minerals’ mineral the industry uses in brake pads is MagniF. This mineral is a specially manufactured fine dried magnetite (iron oxide). Other than MicaFort, MagniF is one of the components which homogenises the friction coefficient and the heat transfer from the pad to the brake disc. The primary use of MagniF is its abrasiveness.

Contact us for more technical information on our natural minerals MicaFort or MagniF for brake pad formulations. We help you to understand how you can achieve the best results.