Gypsol Rapide

LKAB Minerals’ Gypsol Rapide is a high strength high-performance screed. We have designed this, particularly for quick drying.

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Gypsol Rapide; a high performance, multipurpose rapid drying screed

Besides its main feature, quick drying time, it also offers all of the advantages of other Gypsol screeds including:

  • fast installation
  • very thin section
  • high thermal conductivity
  • very large bays

This screed is free-flowing and self-compacting. On top of that, it has a third-party independently verified drying time.

Gypsol Rapide uses

You can use Gypsol Rapide from a minimum depth of just 15mm unbonded and 35mm floating with or without underfloor heating. Therefore, our customers use the product in all construction types for internal floors, to receive subsequent floor treatment.

Foremost, our product offers you a surface finish which is:

  • smooth
  • flat
  • level

As a result, this forms the perfect subfloor for:

  • tiles
  • vinyl
  • resin
  • or any other floor covering

Our Gypsol Rapide is pumped into place by specially trained screeders who use specialised equipment. Because this screed dries quickly, it is ready to accept floor coverings in as little as 14 days based on 50mm depth. As a result, this product offers unrivalled performance.

Full Gypsol range

Depending on your construction needs, we have a variety of Gypsol products to suit your situation. You will find additional information on the Gypsol product pages.

  1. Classic; Our general-purpose screeding system. The most commonly used material in our range.
  2. HTC; Gypsol HTC (High Thermal Conductivity) for use with underfloor heating and cooling systems.
  3. TS-15; An ultra-thin screed for bonded and un-bonded applications at a minimum depth of 15mm.
  4. TS-20; A thin screed suitable for bonded and un-bonded applications down to a 20mm minimum depth.
  5. XS; Extra strength material for use in heavy-duty applications, where loading is likely to be higher than normal.
  6. TimBRE; Specially formulated and tested for use in timber frame and over timber supported floors including acoustic conditions.
  7. Sureflo; Pre-blended product supplied in 25kg bags for mixing on site. Ideal where minimal quantities are required, or access for ready-mix lorries is not possible.
  8. Summit; Particularly fit for screeds pumped over very long distances or high buildings of 10 stories and above.
  9. Modular; Designed for use in modular construction to allow early movement of units, also for a lightweight steel frame and Lewis Decking.
  10. Rustique; a unique fast track floor, providing a rustic or architectural finish.
  11. Diamond; a unique and innovative “micro concrete” providing a polished floor.
gypsol rapide screed installation church conversion

Gypsol Rapide product details

Throughout the UK we manufacture Gypsol Rapide to exacting standards in quality-assured Readymix facilities. LKAB Minerals makes this product from high-quality Gypsol anhydrite binder and enhance this with a specially developed fast-drying additive, specially selected sands and clean water. Therefore it offers the user a simple and effective floor screeding solution for applications which contain underfloor heating and are:

  • floating,
  • unbonded or
  • fully bonded

And also where you must use a subsequent floor covering and require rapid drying time.

Your rapid benefits

Using Gypsol Rapide will benefit your screed floor because of:

  • Fast application
  • Unrivalled thermal performance
    • Up to 2.5W/mK thermal conductivity
    • Up to 25% improvement in COP
    • Reduced depth
    • Reduced operating energy
    • Higher output
    • Up to 94% lower Carbon Emissions
  • Thin Screed sections
    • 40mm Floating Commercial
    • 35mm Floating Domestic
    • 30mm Unbonded
    • 25mm Bonded
    • 20mm cover to underfloor heating pipes/cables
  • Fast drying
    • 14 days drying*
    • Forced Drying not required
  • Rapid commissioning of underfloor heating
    • Underfloor heating can be commissioned and run after just seven days
  • No reinforcement nor fibres required
  • No curing agents required
  • Low Carbon Footprint
    • Gypsol Binder produces just 26.26kg per tonne of material manufactured saving up to 94% CO2 compared to cement-based screed.
  • Fully self-compacting and high density
    • Offers 80kg/m2 density at just 40mm
  • Rapid return to service of work areas
    • Foot traffic after only 48 hours
    • Full loading after just seven days
  • Assured high strength
    • Minimum Ca-C25– F6
    • Available in other formats up to Ca-C35-F6

*Independently tested and based on 50mm depth at 20˚C and 60% RH. For your convenience, we have the complete test data available on request.


LKAB Minerals Gypsol Rapide screed is available from all Readymix and volumetric screed producers who stock Gypsol Binder.

Gypsol Rapide - Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the minimum Gypsol Rapide screed thickness my floor needs?


    You can use Gypsol Rapide screed either with or without insulation to the following minimum depths

    • 40mm Floating Commercial
    • 35mm Floating Domestic
    • 15mm Unbonded
    • 15mm Bonded
    • 20mm cover to underfloor heating pipes
  • How soon can I lay my floor coverings when using Gypsol Rapide?


    At a depth of 50mm, Gypsol Rapide screed dries naturally in around 14 days in good drying conditions. This has been independently tested and verified. If you have underfloor heating, you can commission and run this after just seven days meaning that you can lay floor coverings in as little as 14 days. Gypsol Rapide contains a specially developed additive which assists the drying process and removes much of the need for evaporative drying. Some residual moisture will still need to evaporate into the air above it. It is therefore important to ensure that you carry out drying in well-ventilated conditions to remove the moisture as it evaporates. Besides, it is also equally important to ensure that you carry out an appropriate moisture test to confirm the screed is suitably dried before applying floor coverings.

  • How will Gypsol Rapide affect my underfloor heating?


    Like all Gypsol screeds, the Gypsol Rapide has a very high thermal conductivity. This feature makes it perfect for high efficiency when it comes to underfloor heating. Because you can lay this even thinner than our other screed allowing just 20mm cover to underfloor heating pipes there is less mass to heat up allowing the screed to generate thermal inertia very quickly. Because it has a high thermal conductivity, which has been independently tested and verified, it will enable thermal inertia at much lower operating temperatures. As a result, Gypsol Rapide offers an unrivalled response profile making your underfloor heating up to 25% more efficient than other screed systems.