Print Press Area, Dublin – Gypsol Case Study

Case Studies December 2, 2022

Label Craft is a manufacturer of self-adhesive labels in Dublin, Ireland. They proudly boast of being able to supply a complete innovative label solution for any business. Time is critical in delivering products and services to their clients, so they turned to Gypsol’s thin TS-20 screed to provide the solution to their print room floor refurbishment.

Project facts
LocationDublin, Ireland
Screed FormatGypsol TS-20
Project TypeLabel Craft, Print Press Area
Screed SupplierRoadstone Ltd
Print Press 1 - Gypsol TS-20 Screed

Due to the replacement of steel floor cassettes and restructure of the print press area, the client employed Dublin Based contractor Green-House to provide a solution to the resulting change of floor levels. Green-House (Vinsok Ltd) is one of Ireland’s leading renewable and mechanical installers in the country specialising in both domestic and commercial projects of any size.

The client’s Production Manager, Mr. John MacDonald, confirmed the printing machine “has to be level; otherwise, the machine won’t work.” In early September, Gypsol TS-20 Screed was poured on a Saturday morning, providing a flat level and very thin layer to the existing uneven surface. Part of the external wall was removed to allow for the safe moving of a Heidelberg printing press weighing 6 tonnes. Due to the physical strengths and rates of drying of Gypsol’s TS-20 screed and the very speedy un-bonded installation, the client was able to minimise production delays and re-mount the press onto the freshly screeded floor after just two weeks. Paul O’ Kane from Green-House said the screed was “fantastic, and the job worked out extremely well.”