Minerals are everywhere

With the increasing need for minerals in the construction of homes and offices, its more important than ever to consider where our minerals come from. Discover what raw and processed minerals are found around the house.

Minerals are everywhere

Minerals are a staple of the construction sector. They allow homes to be built in the way they are today. But as we move to the way future homes are built, they will be more important than ever. From the structure of the home, to the finer details, minerals have an important role to play.

Not only this, but as the world looks to cut carbon emissions and 2021 levels indicating that the buildings and construction sector accounting for around 37% of energy and process related CO2 emissions, minerals will be critical in cutting them.

Products such as Gypsol and GGBS serve as cement replacement minerals for a number of aspects of homes including screed and concrete blocks. Additionally, a number of other minerals are used in cabling, plasterboard, roofing, and much more.

We look to reach our target of zero carbon dioxide emissions from our processes and products by 2045 and the global 2050 target. In order to do this, the whole construction sector needs to be innovative to reduce their emissions. A number of our products able to help with this. To find out more about which of our products can help, and how, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Newbuild houses - minerals are everywhere and are essential for building homes from the ground up

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