Francis Flower to become fully integrated September 1st

News August 8, 2019

Therefore, on the 1st September 2019, LKAB Minerals and Francis Flower will begin trading as one company, LKAB Minerals Ltd.

Francis Flower companies integrated

The Francis Flower group includes the following companies at this stage of the integration:

For these companies, the head office will become LKAB Minerals Ltd, Raynesway, Derby, DE21 7BE, United Kingdom.  Any points of contact within the business will remain the same.

Email changes

For those customers using emails for orders and enquiries, your contact email addresses have changed. Below shows an overview of the address changes:

Old addressNew address

Darren Wilson, CEO Europe commented ‘This is an important move for LKAB Minerals in our ambition to grow the industrial minerals business over the coming years. Francis Flower is a perfect fit, complimenting both companies existing businesses. We hope you will join us in supporting LKAB Minerals at this exciting time!’