High density MagnaDense supports cost-control

News June 17, 2015

LKAB Minerals participated in the Offshore Technology Conference (OTC) in Houston and Oil and Gas Asia (OGA) in Kuala Lumpur to explain all about MagnaDense and the cost control this could bring for the different offshore projects.

Offshore applications use MagnaDense either as loose ballast or for high density concrete. We produce MagnaDense from Magnetite, a natural iron oxide which we mine in Sweden. The mineral has a high density in the range of 4.7 – 5.2 t/m³. Under water it achieves submerged densities up to 3.1 t/ m³, which can be reached with compacting.

Benefits using Magnetite aggregate

Some key benefits of using MagnaDense from LKAB Minerals are:

High density saves space

Applications include; concrete weight coating, anti-buoyancy mattresses, seabed anchors for wave and tidal devices.  You can make antifer cubes for sea defence with high density concrete. This lets you achieve up to 4.0 t/m3, compared with 2.4 t/m³ for traditional concrete. This means a  decrease of 40%.

Optimal ballast which can be recycled

When choosing the optimal ballast for spar platforms and gravity base foundations the right density, specification, quality, and consistency is key. MagnaDense has excellent resistivity. This is a very important characteristic when looking at project sustainability. And something that makes it ideal to recycle and reuse.

Offshore industry outlook: US vs. Asia

Although you can find offshore projects throughout the entire world, the sentiment between the American OTC and the Asian OGA was very different.

Mats Drugge, Managing Director of LKAB Minerals Inc. USA and present at the OTC said, “unfortunately the OTC experienced a decrease in visitors due to the current market situation in the Oil & Gas market. In this market the price of crude oil influences many related investments.  Nevertheless, OTC still is one of the largest offshore shows in the world. It remains an important show for LKAB Minerals to meet potential new customers. Furthermore it keeps us informed about the latest trends and projects in the offshore industry worldwide.”

LKAB Minerals participated for the first time in the 15th bi-annual OGA Oil and Gas Show. The Asian market is an upcoming market for the Magnetite business. Because we have new salespeople in Hong Kong and China, LKAB Minerals anticipated that attending the OGA would be a good choice.

“Both events are an important tool for LKAB Minerals to increase the MagnaDense brand awareness in the Oil & Gas industry. Especially the OGA showed there is a huge market potential to explore in Asia” said Bas Sotthewes. This LKAB Minerals sales manager participated in both large international offshore events and can therefore make a good evaluation.

MagnaDense worldwide available

No matter if your business is in Asia or America, we can supply you MagnaDense everywhere. We even supply our customers at sea. Our dedicated logistics department will find the most favourable solution for your project.

Contact LKAB Minerals today to learn more about the MagnaDense benefits for your offshore project.