LKAB Minerals business continuity plans for covid-19

News March 20, 2020

Geographical and operational differences

LKAB Minerals have operations and suppliers in many countries around the world. As the situation differs geographically and operationally, so will the approach to mitigating business risks.

“The health and safety of our employees and everyone else in our surrounding societies remain our top priority, we follow the local and national restrictions and guidelines as a minimum and ensure contingency planning for each of our businesses,” says Leif Boström. This, as an example, means:

Who to contact at LKAB Minerals?

To any customers with queries or concerns, please contact your key account manager, or the local LKAB Minerals office for any questions. While some of us may be out of the office, we are ready to take your call or meet over video. “These are extraordinary circumstances, but by working together, we will find ways to manage. And finally, let’s stay safe!” Leif Boström ends.

Leif Boström