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News October 24, 2019

Bridge ballasting with heavy concrete

In 2018 one of our customers ordered MagnaDense for ballasting the new bridges at the Kallo sluice in Belgium. Based on the then known information and required concrete density, we supplied both MagnaDense 8s and 20s.

“We had to do the construction in different phases, which was not an easy task. However, everything went perfectly fine. Our heavy concrete turned out to have the right smoothness and pumpability. Besides, we managed to get the high density concrete weight we wanted,” the project manager informed us.

Flexibility adds value

With over 50 years of experience, LKAB Minerals knows how to support their customers in calculating mix-designs. Based on the final required density and concrete strength, we can calculate the amount of high density aggregate that is needed.

However, sometimes, during a project, the final numbers change due to unforeseen circumstances. To make sure the valuable product remains of value to both the customer and us, we allow returning the excess MagnaDense to us under certain conditions.

We know that our customers appreciate the flexibility that LKAB Minerals provides them. Fortunately, this is not something we often need to do; in fact, this was the very first time for this particular customer. However, knowing they are allowed to return the product, is an added value to our customers in the buying decision and improves our relationship and appreciation.

MagnaDense in bridge ballasting

Ballasting bridges with MagnaDense is not always the same. Depending on the design of the bridge, the heavy ballast can be used in, for example, the:

Our natural iron oxide is used in some well-known bridge projects. Examples of bridge projects that used our high density product are:

We also have FREE case studies available on these projects. You can ask for these with your local sales manager.