The future of compounding in the USA

News May 27, 2019

Our colleague, Melissa Bartz from the US office visited the show and provided some insightful information.

“I was impressed with the intellect of the speakers as well as the quality of the presentations I saw. LKAB Minerals is certainly developing added value solutions to many of the current market situations and predicted future demands of the industry.”Melissa told us.

The future for cable compounds and the future for PVC compounding

In a long session, the organisation discussed the future of cable compounds and PVC compounding around different questions. Consequently, several speakers from a vast number of companies answered the questions based on their market knowledge and insight.

For multiple items, LKAB Minerals has developed value-added solutions.

Questions and answers on compounding from the industry experts

The invited speakers discussed these topics lively. Hereafter, in short, a summary of the questions and answers:

What Infrastructure developments do you foresee could affect cable market?

How will competition in the cable industry drive innovation?

What global standards may affect the compounding industry?

What are the most significant market challenges at present for PVC?

What opportunities do you see for compounding?

Solutions offered by LKAB Minerals in the cable compounding industry

With UltraCarb, a natural flame retardant, LKAB Minerals provides a proven, cost-effective solution for the wire and cable industry. The sector already widely uses UltraCarb with both performance and sustainability benefits in:

LKAB Minerals commissioned an evaluation of the environmental impact of UltraCarb in compliance with ISO 14040-14044. Using UltraCarb in place of traditional flame retardant fillers such as ATH results in 40-45% lower greenhouse gas emissions and energy consumption.

Please contact our LKAB Minerals sales managers for more information regarding UltraCarb in cable compounds.