Metal and x-ray detectable polymers

MagniF is capable, due to its high density and ferri-magnetic properties, of making polymers metal detectable with high-frequency coil.

Detectable Polymers

When formulating detectable compounds, it is vital to consider the loading levels, particle size, optical properties, and surface appearance.  Other important factors are the processing equipment requirements; however, MagniF supports the compounding process as it is very easy to disperse even at high loading levels.

Polymer detection using different systems is also an area where MagniF is advantageous.

Polymer detection made easy

Cable ties containing 10% MagniF 10 F or MagniF 25 F are easily detectable by high-frequency coil detectors. A spherical particle of the compound of 2mg gives a similar signal response to 0.1 mg Fe-steel with a certain delay. The signal delay is characteristic of MagniF and similar to stainless steel and makes it even more suitable to detect plastic contaminations in wet or frozen food polymer packaging.

When dispersed in a polymeric matrix, MagniF magnetite powders can be detected when a certain mineral concentration passes the detector. As well as the addition level of MagniF, the size, shape, orientation, and position of the polymeric specimen influence the response signal.

MagniF, as a functional filler in polymers, brings several advantages for the detectable compound:

MagniF 10 / MagniF 10F gives higher loading levels, better mechanical properties, and surface finish than MagniF 25 or MagniF 25F. The higher tinting strength of the black MagniF 10 or MagniF 10F gives a higher contrast than the coarser MagniF 25 or MagniF 25F, which is beneficial for x-ray detection but requires adding more TiO2 if a bright colour is needed.

Extra benefits of MagniF

MagniF provides other benefits that are of massive interest in many applications. It is food approved for being used in polymer parts in the European (EC) and US American (FDA, up to 80 wt%) markets. This approval covers full usability within plastics that are used in food applications.

MagniF is a high-quality dry powder manufactured from the natural iron oxide Magnetite mined at LKAB group owned mines in Northern Sweden. This ownership guarantees the supply year-round and promises the best quality consistent product every delivery.

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