Sound damping polymers

To block sound transmitting a polymer with significant weight will ensure a reduction in transmission.

sound dampening MagniF filled part

Polymer automotive parts

A popular application in the automotive industry, sound dampening becomes more and more of interest to manufacturers producing polymer parts that will benefit from having sound damping or deadening properties. For example, silent waste pipes are an area where noise reduction is increasingly important, especially in high-rise construction and new buildings.

For this industry use, we offer MagniF, a product manufactured from the natural iron oxide Magnetite, sourced from our company’s own mines in Northern Sweden.

Sound dampening microfilter housing

Sound damping made easy

MagniF is used to give extra density to a polymer and therefore to produce heavy compounds. MagniF is very easy to disperse into a variety of plastics or rubbers, be it polypropylene or polyamide. It is possible to reach densities of above 2g/cm³, which is very difficult to reach with other standard mineral products.

High filling levels of 60-80 wt% are typical in sound dampening applications to ensure transmission reduction or elimination. The MagniF filled compounds are extruded into very high-density parts which have an excellent surface finish. These polymer parts are mainly used in the automotive industry to dampen the engine noise transmission to the cabin.

Producers have seen a very good balance between sound damping, surface quality, and mechanical properties with MagniF.

Please get in touch with the application expert. We look forward to finding the best solution for your sound damping plastic product.