Product information

Our marble powders are some of the purest and brightest on the market.

Not only are our marble powders some of the purest and brightest on the market, but all products in the Fordacal range are also made using 100% recycled material, meeting ISO 14021.

Portfolio of calcium carbonate fillers

The Fordacal range is available in six particle sizes ranging from 8 to 150 microns:

Product grade50% Passing Microns99% Passing Microns
Fordacal 8832
Fordacal 121245
Fordacal 2222128
Fordacal 5050425
Fordacal 150150425

Stock and logistics

All products are available to collect from our Somerset mill in:

  • bulk loads
  • 1,000 kg big bags
  • 25 kg sacks

We transport the raw material to our mill at Gurney Slade in Somerset, one of the largest of its type in Europe. Here we mill large quantities to very fine tolerances using state-of-the-art air classification systems. The site has over 6,000 tonnes of raw material storage plus 1,000 tonnes of finished product storage in 10 bulk silos.

Fordacal benefits

You can use our mineral extenders as a commercially interesting alternative to polymer in several thermoplastic resins. The calcium carbonate content offers a range of benefits:

  • helping to decrease surface energy
  • improving opacity
  • reduce energy
  • improving surface gloss
  • increase output
  • improving thermal conductivity

Applications for marble offcuts

Our portfolio of very white marble powders provides functional fillers for use in compound formulations where purity and brightness are essential, including:

100% recycled

Not only are our marble chips some of the purest and brightest in the market, but an audit also confirmed that all products in the Fordacal range are made using 100% recycled material, meeting ISO14021.

Independent auditing concluded that:

  • Our product range is made using  100% recycled materials  that would otherwise go unused and be wasted
  • No virgin marble  is ever quarried to help produce our marble powder range
  • We source all marble in the range of the Carrara region of Northern Italy
  • Every week we produce large volumes of marble offcuts as part of this cutting process
  • Offcuts are taken to a processing site in Italy, where they are:
    • washed
    • sorted
    • crushed
  • At all times, we  monitor and check  the marble to prevent any contamination
  • At our Gurney Slade site, we  milled the marble chips  in our specialist facilities

Mineral information

Physical Properties

Fordacal toxicology

The marble off-cuts are non-toxic natural minerals. For further information, please download the Safety Data Sheets from the documentation tab.

Specific GravityHardness Mohs ScaleMoistureBrightness (CIE)
2.72 kg/L30.3% Max.90 Min
Marble offcuts of Italian origin

Marble offcuts of Italian origin

The raw material we use for our product range comes from the waste flow from the off-cuts of dimension stone quarried in Carrara, Italy. This country is home to one of the world’s whitest and purest marble deposits, rarely found in commercial quantities. As well as its exceptional whiteness, the Fordacal range provides a cost-effective solution and, thanks to its use of 100% recycled materials meeting ISO 14021.