Product information

The physical structure of MinSand is of high Mullite content, consequently having a high service temperature, enabling the material to be used to replace alternative and more expensive moulding and core making sands. Castings can therefore be produced in steel, high duty iron and non ferrous metals.

MinSand Standard Grades

MinSand is available in the following grades:

G Grade
AFS 50
AFS 65
AFS 90

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Regular packaging modes for our product are 1,000 kg big bags and 25 kg paper bags.

Mineral information

Physical properties of MinSand

Bulk density [g/cm³]1.9
Particle shapeSpherical

Chemical properties of MinSand

Al2O3 [%]75.9
Fe2O3 [%]1.59

MinSand has several properties that make the product quite unique on the market:

MinSand Flow Characteristics

The spherical particle shape significantly improves the flowability of the sand/binder mixture allowing cores of complex shapes to be blown when compared to alternative angular sands.

MinSand Thermal Expansion

It has a very low thermal expansion rate, which enables castings to be produced with a high degree of dimensional accuracy compared to mould and cores produced from alternative sands. This is eminently suitable for automotive cylinder blocks and heads.

MinSand binder quantities/strength

The spherical nature results in a reduced surface area, enabling cores and moulds to be produced using lower resin additions. The mixed sand costs are reduced accordingly because of the lower resin demand.

MinSand Resin Systems

LKAB Minerals’ product is compatible with resin systems, including pre-coated shell moulding sands. The sand grains have a very smooth surface that is easily resin coated.

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