MagnaDense heavy aggregate for high density concrete

One thousand and eight hundred metric tonnes of MagnaDense, used as ballast for the Draugen Floating Platform (FLP) since 1993, has been successfully retrieved from deep sea water in 2014. It has further been recycled by the original supplier LKAB Minerals in 2015 and reused by another customer for use in a heavy concrete application.

LKAB Minerals has made an interesting and detailed Case Study on this particular project, which includes information on:

  • Unchanged properties of offshore ballast
  • Exceeding sustainable decommissioning target
  • Ballast recycling
  • Reusing the high-value MagnaDense ballast
  • MagnaDense, excellent chemical resistance in seawater proven in practice and in a controlled lab environment

If you would like to receive this detailed Case Study, please send an email with your details to and mention as a subject “Case Study Draugen”. You will then receive a PDF file with this study.