Offshore ballast successfully recycled

News July 6, 2015

The original supplier, LKAB Minerals recycled this further in 2015. After that, another customer reused the product again for a heavy concrete application.

Free Case Study MagnaDense recycling

We produced an interesting and detailed Case Study on this particular Draugen recycling project, which includes information on:

If you would like to receive this detailed Case Study, please send an email with your details to and mention as a subject “Case Study Draugen”. You will then receive a PDF file with this study.

Draugen recycling movie

For your convenience, we created a short movie that explains the Draugen MagnaDense recycling project in less than a minute.

If you are interested in MagnaDense product details or offshore application information for using high density aggregates, please check our product and application pages.

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