BBA Certification awarded to Gypsol Floor Screeds

News July 16, 2021

This certification is a positive step forward for LKAB Minerals. We are confident this makes our Gypsol range of environmentally friendly, flowing floor screeds even more trustworthy to our customers and the industry specifiers.

BBA Certified Gypsol Floor Screed

BBA-approved Gypsol binder is manufactured in the United Kingdom from raw materials harvested as a by-product from the chemical industry. Due to our manufacturing process, we can claim one of the lowest carbon footprints of all screed binders in the UK market. We supply our binders to a national network of quality assured screed manufacturers. The screed, which is self-compacting and free-flowing, is simple for screed producers to manufacture. On top of that, for installers, the product is easy and quick to lay. Finally, for the end-user, this material will give optimum durability, thermal performance, and unrivalled sustainability.

Versatile Floor Screed

Gypsol, in whichever format it is used, whether it be ultra-thin TS-15 screed laid unbonded to just 15mm depth, or HTC screed, which offers optimal depth and performance with underfloor heating, now has the backing of a BBA certificate adding further credibility to the already well established and third-party verified performance attributes that Gypsol screeds can offer. This product performance has an enviable reputation for expertise in design and application afforded to specifiers and end-users alike by our national and regional technical and specification managers. 

Whether you are a specifier, main contractor, installer or manufacturer, using BBA approved Gypsol screed can enhance any building, so feel free to contact our specification managers for an end to end advice on any construction project.

Online Learning

We believe that all parties using the Gypsol floor screeds should have access to the most up-to-date information on our products. Therefore we have created several training opportunities which are freely available from our website. After completion of training, you will be automatically rewarded with a certificate.