CPD Webinars for Civil Engineering and Construction sector

News April 3, 2020

The CPD Webinar Series programme aims to provide Civil Engineers, Architects, and Contractors with an opportunity to learn more about a range of topics whilst working from home. The series will cover many aspects of the industry including High-Density Concrete in Civil Engineering applications in, for example, Bridges, Tunnels and Health as well as the use of recycled Flowing Screeds in Residential and Commercial projects.

Of course, these webinars are free to watch for any interested person!

Within each webinar, there will be a focus on some of the recent projects, followed by an opportunity for questions. Below are the different webinars on offer to date:

High-Density Concrete & ballast in bridge constructions

The high-density aggregate MagnaDense has a history of use in bridge constructions throughout the world. Each of these projects has been uniquely designed, based on the complex challenges they needed to overcome. This CPD webinar will focus on some of the more recent projects and the different ways in which our customers use MagnaDense to overcome design challenges.

This webinar will take place on Wednesday 8th April at 11.30 am. Book your space here. (UPDATE: click the link to go to the on-demand replay!)

Gypsol Anhydrite Screed; a sustainable flooring solution

We produce Gypsol screed using Anhydrite binder and provides projects with an environmentally friendly, high performing and cost-effective alternative to the traditional cementitious screeds in the marketplace. This CPD will cover the production, processes, and benefits of using Gypsol for a project, before detailing some of the recent case studies and the reasons why it has been used.

The webinar will be held on Thursday 9th April at 11 am. (UPDATE: click the link to go to the on-demand replay!)

Ground stabilisation with high-density concrete

The use of high-density concrete to provide ground stabilisation is becoming increasingly important in modern civil engineering. Where space is limited or existing infrastructure is costly to move, high-density concrete can provide a solution to sound, and vibration & hydrostatic pressure and can result in a reduction in piling, and significant cost savings. This webinar will focus on some of the recent projects, where our customers use high-density concrete to solve modern-day challenges. This includes Crossrail and a shaft infill in London.

Register now for this webinar we scheduled for Wednesday 22nd April at 11.30 am. (UPDATE: click the link to go to the on-demand replay!)

High-Density Concrete for Radiation Shielding

Since the middle of the 20th century, the industry uses the natural aggregate Magnetite for radiation shielding constructions. The range of applications for high-density concrete containing MagnaDense is broad and includes not only hospital radiation treatment rooms but veterinary clinics, research facilities, laboratories, and nuclear applications. This webinar will cover how MagnaDense provides effective shielding of radiation and will focus on some of the recent projects.

Register here for this webinar which will be held on Wednesday 29th April at 11 am. (UPDATE: click the link to go to the on-demand replay!)

Future topics

We are hoping to launch additional CPD’s and webinars in the coming weeks including the use of GGBS in sustainable concrete. Check back here every couple of weeks for an update.

Webinar availability anytime

If you are unable to attend any of the webinars and would like to learn more, simply register via the relevant links and a recording will be sent to you after the live event.

Each webinar will be between 30 to 45 minutes long. Following the webinar, a certificate of attendance can be provided upon request. For those requests, please email adele.redhead@lkab.com.

We hope to hear from you at one of these events!