LKAB receives award for best sustainability report

News June 4, 2014

We are proud that FAR named LKAB’s annual and sustainability report Sweden’s best among the country’s biggest companies. FAR is the professional institute for authorized public accountants, approved public accountants, and other professionals in the accountancy sector in Sweden. They presented LKAB with the award at a seminar in Stockholm today.

Sustainability at LKAB

Sustainability is at the core of LKAB’s business concept. Our ambition is to be the most resource-efficient and innovative mining company in the world. We see this as the foundation of all LKAB’s operations. We are naturally very honoured to receive this award” says LKAB President and Group CEO Lars-Eric Aaro.

LKAB has been working to strengthen its sustainability efforts for a long time. We drive sustainability both by the company’s management and board and is a structural component of LKAB’s strategy. This is also something that FAR recognises in its motivation for the award.

Sustainable reporting

“LKAB’s sustainability report is easy to take on board. They present the company’s work in the area of sustainability well. It is a natural element in the business strategy, because every strategic area includes sustainability dimensions”, FAR writes, among other things, in its motivation for the award.

We have many concrete examples of sustainability work in practice. To name a few: