Production ramp-up in the Kiruna mine

News June 30, 2020

A seismic event occurred at 3.11 a.m. on May 18th in the Kiruna mine. The event had a magnitude 3.3 on the local magnitude scale and occurred at a level of -1,146 metres (from the zeroing point) in the mine’s foot-wall. The mine was evacuated, and 13 people who were at work underground left their worksites and returned to surface level safely.

Since then, inspection of the damages and analysis is a priority, read more in the latest update on production and how drones enable this work.

Production status

In June, LKAB is producing 50,000 tonnes of ore feed material each day in the Kiruna mine. In July this is planned to increase to 54,000 tonnes, about 30,000 tonnes lower than normal production. This production level is compensated by a reallocation of volumes from LKAB’s other mines, for the production of pellets.

MagnaDense volumes available

LKAB Minerals produce MagnaDense from natural iron ore, supplied by LKAB’s Kiruna mine. “Concerning MagnaDense, this production has been continuous all along. In addition, we have strategic stocks in some locations close to customers. We do not have any restrictions to deliver contracted MagnaDense volumes. For new business, we do not see any immediate restrictions either. Still, we are taking a cautious approach to ensure the volumes are available before each new offer made to a customer. We want to make sure that we continue to uphold all obligations to our customers, high and consistent availability has always been a hallmark for LKAB Minerals” Roger Johansson concludes.