Sulphur and Calcium fertilisers improve soil conditions

News June 20, 2019

Our UK-based team have met a large number of farmers already and will encounter some more the coming months to educate them on the opportunities of getting the most from crops, soil and livestock using Calcifert products.

Calcifert documentation and recommendations

RWAS Grassland Event

“We were fortunate with ideal weather conditions, for this outdoor show.”, says Mark Tripney, agronomist and independent advisor to LKAB Minerals. He continues, “these conditions made sure a lot of grassland farmers were at the RWAS Grassland show and had time to look around and ask us many questions. Many of the farmers we met already use Calcifert products. However, we also met a good number of people that wanted to learn more about Calcium and Sulphur based fertilisers for their specific farm conditions.”

Agrii iFarm Event

One of our customers, Agrii, organises their own events, called iFarm events, throughout the United Kingdom. At one of their recent events, we joined them in St. Monans, Fife. “At this iFarm event, we had the opportunity to explain the importance of Lime and Calcium. Particularly their role in the health of both soil and plants. In addition, we talked about potential losses if they don’t maintain the soil pH.” Mark Tripney informs us.

This local event had a good attendance at the farm. We met a lot of current Calcifert users and discussed how they could optimise their arable rotations using our products. Also, we had discussions on using Calcium and Sulphur to maximise potato crops.

Other agricultural events

This week and next, you can meet our Calcifert team at the Arable Event 2019 and the Groundswell event 2019. We like to share with you our knowledge and case studies for many different soil and crop applications. In case you can’t make it to either of the events but would still like to learn more, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We are happy to share information on soil analysis, product specifications, samples or case studies using Calcifert.