Minerals for agriculture


We offer several minerals that are used in this industry either directly or indirectly. You'll find all our products aimed towards the agricultural sector as well as the applications and customer cases of how the products may be used.

LKAB Minerals offers a range of agricultural minerals for a variety of applications.

If you want to improve the barrier protection of seeds to prevent rot, prevent early germination, improve flowability, provide nutrients, or aid colour identification, you may be interested in MicaFort for seed coating.

If you are looking for fertilisers or soil conditioners, check out our range of Calcifert agricultural minerals. Our Calcifert range includes Calcifert Sulphur, Calcifert Mag, Calcifert Lime, and Calcifert LS11. Each of these has differing benefits depending on the season and the nature of the soil. Depending on the requirements of your soil, we can advise on the right type of fertiliser from our Calcifert range. Our sales and agronomy teams are always on hand to help with questions you may have regarding our agricultural minerals. You can get in touch with them via the contact form below.

In addition to this, we are continually reviewing our products, including in the agriculture sector, so make sure to check in for any future developments.

The LKAB group is carrying out further exploration work in the agriculture sector. Developments of the Per Geijer deposit north of Kiruna could potentially have far reaching yields of agricultural minerals.