Increasing weight of polymer parts

LKAB Minerals offers the environmentally friendly MagniF for increasing the density of a variety of polymer products.

High density polymer

LKAB Minerals develop and market high density polymers in the form of Magnetite, a natural iron oxide (Fe3O4) with unique properties. MagniF is the brand name for Magnetite grades which can be used as a filler in polymers and rubbers.

High density polymers as filler

MagniF is used primarily for its high density however it is also thermally and electrically conductive, ferri-magnetic and heatable by microwaves. MagniF filled polymers are considered straightforward to compound and mould. MagniF is particularly suitable for sound and vibration dampening applications within the automotive industry.

High filler levels can be reached in a great variety of polymers without surface treatment of the filler particles. In a PP a density of over 3 g/cm3 can be reached without problems by extrusion and/or injection moulding. When using inline compounding 3.5 g/cm3 is attainable. High density compounds are mainly used in sound dampening applications.


Increase the density of polymer products with MagniF

With many years of experience in the different applications that benefit from MagniF, LKAB Minerals is able to help you select the right grade for your product.

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