Magnet Paint

When ferri-magnetic MagniF is incorporated into a wall coating, chalkboard paint or furniture coating, magnets will be attracted to the coated area.

MagniF - Magnetic paint additive

MagniF is a very pure, natural and environmentally friendly functional filler for polymers and coatings. As a magnetic paint additive, it is beneficial due to its non-rusting properties compared to e.g. iron powder based fillers.

The natural iron oxide Magnetite, from which the MagniF is produced, has unique properties and makes coatings magnet receptive due to the mineral’s inherent ferri-magnetic properties.

MagniF for magnetic paint

MagniF for magnetic paint

Adding MagniF to a base coat for application onto walls will produce a surface that attracts and holds magnets. Magnetic wall paint can easily be painted over to give a variety of finishes; anything from a uniform colour to a large brightly painted mural.

Magnetic chalkboard paint needs a durable surface which can be wiped clean, including MagniF into either black or green coatings will provide an excellent surface with the additional benefit of it becoming magnet receptive.

Magnetic paint coatings formulations

MagniF can be used in many different paint systems due to its excellent dispersibility and high stability, but the most common coating types are water-based systems.

MagniF 25 is typically used as it offers a good balance between magnetic effect and surface area. Typical loading levels are between 40 and 60 wt%. The magnet attraction always depends on layer thickness, however, more layers can be applied to ensure a strong hold on magnets.

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