Product information

You might know Aluminium Trihydrate also as Aluminium Trihydroxide or Alumina Trihydrate.

This mineral is derived from Bauxite ore. This natural ore is refined to a fine white powder via the Bayer process. After washing and drying, it is used as the feedstock for a wide range of Alumina chemicals. The raw material used for the products is from a high-purity source.

Applications using ATH

Our international customers use this particular mineral for a variety of end-products, for example:

For the latter two applications, we also offer our UltraCarb product. To understand which mineral is the best solution for your process, we advise you to contact your area sales manager.

Standard grades

General GradesLow Viscosity Grade


Our product range is available in paper sacks or big bags. Some of our grades are available in bulk. Please get in touch with your sales representative to find out if this applies to the grade you would like to purchase.

Mineral information

Typical properties of ATH

Physical properties of ATH:

Specific gravity [g/cm³]2.41
Refractive index1.57
Hardness (Mohs)1.5 – 3.5
Moisture content at 105°C/1h [%]0.2
Loose bulk density [kg/l]0.6 – 1.41
pH content (20% w/v slurry)9
Physical properties of ATH:

Chemical properties of ATH

Al2O3 [%]65
H2O [%]34.5
Chemical properties of ATH
Properties of Aluminium Trihydrate

Important Properties

Some of the key properties ATH offers include exceptional whiteness, good translucency, resistance to chemicals and weathering, and impact resistance. The softness of the mineral contributes to making materials machinable, with loading levels between 40% and 70% becoming possible and providing the best properties.