natural flame retardants


For use in a variety of polymer applications, we offer natural flame retardants, lamellar minerals, and high density products. In addition to high aspect ratio minerals, high density, natural magnetism, and whitening products for use in a variety of paint and coating applications, we offer a wide range of whitening products.

MinSand - Spherical Refractory Bead


MinSand is a perfectly spherical refractory bead produced by fusing and supercooling Bauxite in an electric arc furnace.

Firecarb - An Expandable Graphite Fire Retardant Additive


FireCarb is an expandable intumescent graphite fire retardant additive that can expand when heated.

Magnesitic Talc


LKAB Minerals offer fine Magnesitic Talc for various applications such as agricultural and horticultural, polymer processing, coating applications and the ceramics industry.

MagniF - Dry, Pure, Fine-milled Magnetite


MagniF, produced from the natural iron oxide Magnetite, is the product range especially developed to be used as a functional filler in polymers and coatings.



Bentonite is used in a wide range of applications within the foundry industry as a binder, as the mineral can withstand high temperatures.

UltraCarb - Halogen Free Fire Retardant Filler


UltraCarb products are hydromagnesite – huntite fire retardants, for a wide range of polymers and rubbers.

Aluminium Trihydrate (ATH)


LKAB Minerals offer a range of fine-ground Aluminium Trihydrate (ATH) products from European manufacturing locations.

Minerals in decorative paint - Chalk


LKAB Minerals offer UK-manufactured Chalk from a local, high-quality soft white chalk deposit that has been quarried for more than sixty years.

Micafort - Muscovite and Phlogopite Micas Mineral


MicaFort, Muscovite and Phlogopite Micas are mineral fillers for a large variety of applications in the polymers and coatings industries.

Magnesium Oxide


Manufactured Magnesium, providing pharmaceutical grades and technical grade Magnesium for many industries worldwide.



DekorFlake is a range of natural Mica flakes designed to impart a decorative metallic or natural sparkle effect for decorative concrete.

We are a leading supplier of high-quality industrial mineral products that are utilised in the production of polymers across a wide range of applications. PVC plastisols, automotive parts, sound dampening, flame retardants, and more.

These additives and minerals have been designed to enhance the performance, safety, durability, and aesthetic appeal of polymer products. The additives and minerals are formulated to provide properties such as flame retardancy, electrical conductivity, sound insulation, colour control, surface finish, and anti-corrosion.

PVC plastisols

Our minerals play a significant role in the production of polymers in various industries. For instance, in PVC Plastisols, our additives enhance the performance and processing of PVC, making them suitable for different applications. Additionally, our UltraCarb improves the processing properties of PVC compounds by reducing plate-out or improving semi-transparent tiles’ colour control.

Automotive parts

In the automotive industry, our MicaFort improves the heat resistance, strength, and flame retardancy of polymers in automotive parts. These additives enhance the safety standards of polymer components, making them suitable for use in various automotive applications.

Our products also play a crucial role in the production of brake pads. Our MicaFort and MagniF have benefits including improving the friction performance, heat resistance, and wear resistance of brake pads, making them safer and more effective.

Sound dampening

Further to these uses in the automotive and construction sectors, our minerals have sound insulation applications. Our high-density MagniF reinforces polymers, making them more durable and resistant to wear and tear. In addition, sound insulation materials benefit from the use of these minerals as they reduce noise pollution.

Flame retardants

Our UltraCarb and FireCarb improve the flame retardancy of polymers. Natural flame retardants, such as alumina trihydrate (ATH) also provide an alternative to synthetic flame retardants. These additives are suitable for applications requiring excellent flame retardancy, such as in wire and cable and flame retardant foams.