Product information

LKAB Minerals’ talc products are grey and, therefore, more suited for bulk applications where colour is not of importance.

Product Uses

These applications include:

  • kiln furniture manufacture
  • ceramics
  • agriculture
  • roofing
  • coating applications
  • plastics

Our magnesitic talc lump is milled in the UK to produce carefully controlled particle-sized products.

Standard grades

Our standard Talc grades are

  • S2 100#
  • S2 200#
  • S2 300#
  • S20


Our product range is available in paper sacks or big bags. Due to the conditions of the product, no bulk solution is available.

Mineral information

Mineral origin

LKAB Minerals’ raw material is quarried in Shetland, an island at the top of the British Isles.

Talc toxicology

A non-toxic, non-hazardous stable mineral. You can download the Safety Data Sheet in the data centre.

Sourced and quarried in the British Isles

LKAB Minerals' Talc is sourced from a unique raw material talc magnesite which is quarried in the Shetland Islands

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