Product information

LKAB Minerals Talc products are ’off white’ and therefore more suited for bulk applications where colour is less critical. These applications include Kiln furniture manufacturers, agriculture, roofing, industrial coating applications and plastics.

Product Uses of Talc

Talc is used for a number of different applications including the following:

Our magnesitic talc lump is milled in the UK to produce carefully controlled particle-sized products.


Within the surface coatings industry S2 Talc is used in a variety of industrial coating applications including primers and undercoats. It is used as a filler / extender as it imparts corrosion resistance and increases paint stability. It can be used in solvent and waterborne paint applications.
LKAB Minerals have developed a Talc product specifically for the coatings industry. Talc S20 is suitable for use in anticorrosive and marine coatings. This 40% Magnesitic Talc will provide a barrier effect reducing oxygen and water transmission to the substrate. The S20 Talc product improves weathering resistance and reinforces the coating making it a viable alternative to other Talc products.


In agricultural applications, S2 talc’s anti-caking properties and lubricity make it effective for free flow carrier uses. Used in fertiliser, it can be used as an anti-blocking agent which enables the feed cake to be broken up easily.


S2 Talc is used in ceramics because of its high fusion point being used as a low expansion flux in ceramic bodies and glazes. Its low level shrinkage helps to improve craze resistance in ceramic applications.

Standard Talc Grades

Our standard grades are

  • S2 100#
  • S2 200#
  • S2 300#
  • S20

Talc Packaging

Our product range is available in paper sacks or big bags. Due to the conditions of the product, no bulk solution is available.

Mineral information

Talc, with the chemical composition of Mg3Si4O10(OH)2, is a Hydrous Magnesium Silicate made up of Magnesium, Silicon, Oxygen, and Hydrogen.

Technical Data

Talc occurs mainly in metamorphosed ultra basic rock, it is a soft hydrous magnesium silicate mineral. The term talc covers a range of these minerals from pure magnesium silicate to talc magnesite which contains up to 33% MgO.

Silicon as SiO2 (30.2%)
Magnesium as MgO (33.3%)
Aluminium as Al2O3 (0.35%)
Calcium CaO (0.2%)
Iron as Fe2O3 (6.6%)

Talc Mineral origin

LKAB Minerals’ raw material is quarried in Shetland, an island at the top of the British Isles. This Talc product is milled in the UK from British sourced magnesitic talc which has a granular particle shape and is off-white in colour.

Talc toxicology

A non-toxic, non-hazardous stable mineral. You can download the Safety Data Sheet in the data centre.

Talc Mineral origin

Sourced and quarried in the British Isles

LKAB Minerals' Talc is sourced from a unique raw material talc magnesite which is quarried in the Shetland Islands